The importance of teachers in Serbia today

"Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world" - Nelson Mendela

Often today, the role of the teacher in Society is being debated about. It often happens that their job is not appreciated the way it should be. It's as if we've forgotten how important teachers are in the life of each of us and in one educational system. Rare are the teachers who appreciate the respect they've earned, when it was officially recognised as one of the most important occupations in the world.

Today, such a relationship between teachers and pupils and in the general environment, we can see in the film or in series such as Šešira professor Kosta Vujić, from the famous director Zdravko Šotra.

What exactly is the measurement of one good teacher, or one educator who works with children? We believe that these are the people who are the best in their work, who work on themselves, respond to the changes society has imposed on them, who teach children to be ready for the 21st Century. To be ready for life and the system that awaits them after the school Completed. We think it's the people who manage it. It takes a great effort, great motivation, but we're all aware that it's the only way to get the best of your Work.

"Do not limit your children to what you have learned, because children were born in another time" - Rabindrant Tagor

The world is valid to think that the Finnish education system is one of the best in the WORLD. They have much smaller groups of children, teachers are elected from top 10% of the best students and in society have the same status as doctors and Lawyers. The study system itself is tailored to them, so they are so Successful. But what if the system isn't like that? Far from our education system is not good, but what is a prerequisite for every good system is the people who work in it.

Even though they sometimes forget, their profession is one of the most Important. They are the ones who raise the children,who teach them real values, and prepare for life TOMORROW. It's our mission to Highlight.

And great people of great fortunes we Have. And That's Why we can be among the best in the WORLD. They just need to be found.

Just from that desire, the desire to reward, encourage, make the best of our work, and those who are for children in every sense of the word, 2014. We started this Project. Serbia's Best Educator Project. Our mission has become to find the best in the country, to show who the good examples are in practice, and how much our system depends on Them. How much the fate of our children depends on the Teachers. And That's a big deal.

When the project was launched, we were not sure how it would evolve. The only thing we've been sure of from the very beginning is that we're doing what's right. We've opened applications with the idea that the best in the education can be reported by Everyone. and students, and their parents, and colleagues, school directors... because it was important to us that anyone who was sent to the Teacher's work can give their opinion, because these are the people who are best and knowand work with Them. That's What we haven't given up all this Time. Our competition is different from others in the work of teachers with Children.

Over time, we became more secure to do the right thing. We found great people, and we were thrilled about what they were doing for their students and for the Environment. This project became more massive, and more and more people were involved in the the project. Today, with the great help of all the awarded ones, there is a blog of Serbian best educators, which is a place to share ideas and for examples of good practice in teaching. We are also working on a show that we want to encourage and show what is what the best of us do, and we will soon broadcast these Episodes.

It was important for us to always be independent, and fair.That we have relevant institutions behind us, but also individuals who have proven their righteousness and competence countless times. therefore, we have a commission today, consisting of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological development, Institute for Development of education, Srdjan Ognjanović, Math school director, Dragica Pavlović Babić, Serbian research coordinator, Last Year's award-winning educators, as is the association ITSELF. And we're open to spread the commission, and always be transparent, because this is the competition of all of us.

Today it is our great pleasure to announce the fourth competition for the best educators in Serbia!

As it has been before, and this year, between 10 and 20 teachers and elementary and secondary school teachers in Serbia will be Selected.

The educators we want to reward and highlight are those who are best at their work, but primarily those who work with Children. They work in the framework of extra curricular activities, encourage their students to get better every day,encourage them to acquire new knowledge and skills. These are educators who are different in the fact that they are more creative, more motivated and more innovative than the Others.They are the drivers of positive changes in Society. They are not waiting for the system to change, they are the ones that change in accordance with the needs of the children and in accordance with the Company.

"Every Country's Greatest Hope lies in appropriate youth schooling" – Erazmo Rotterdamski

This is one of the projects that lasts all year. and it's a pleasure working on it. Especially when they're helping you the best in the country, and those are our best educators. When the time to open the fourth competition, together with them, we defined advantages and shortcomings, because as much as we try, we are aware that nothing is perfect if it does not investenergy, time and work. We've made some changes to the application itself, because we thought That it is necessary to be as safe as we can in the choice.

In order to improve the competition, this year's application will consist of two parts. The first part of the application is performed exclusively through the Association's website,(, and candidates may be reported by students,their parents, colleagues teachers, school directors, anyone who has insight into teachers work. Based on this application,the first round of candidate selections will be Performed.

The candidate that leaves the first round of the selection will be contacted with an email to have the organizers send another part of the application, which would demonstrate the professional development of candidates and give us additional information.

Based on both parts of the application, the commission will elect the best educators in Serbia.   

Applications will be open until 1st of July, and the names of the awards will be published by the end of the year. Each award-winning educator will receive a personal prize of 40,000 dinars and 100,000 dinars that can invest in projects with children and promotion of teaching. 

So don't miss a chance to send an application for the best teacher in Serbia. We're looking forward seeing who are these great people who work for the country, and for the children in Serbia. Help us find them, because "Knowledge is Power"- Francis Bacon

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