Joint project Societe Generale bank, Economic faculty in Nis and economic schools in Serbia  Innovations in banking the goal was to connect economic entities and educational institutions of economic orientation in order to develop managerial and leadership competencies in students and to connect theory and practice.

This is just one of successful stories, which has been awarded at the national level, with its extraordinary innovative ideas in banking, and which can be found in the base of the Institute for the Enhancement of Education and which has been sent to the European Training Foundation, on the basis of their competition which has not been finished yet. The mentors to the awarded team of students were Slađana Radojlović, Olivera, Arizanović and Olgica Krstić.

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For the purpose of creating new banking products, students had to go through several steps: from the examination of the current practice of Société Générale bank and its competition and the market research as well; in other words, surveying a small sample, aiming at receiving the feedback whether the market will accept those new products. Three new ideas of the winning team of a regional competition have succeeded in bringing the full amphitheatre of the Faculty of Economics in Niš to its feet, with ovations, because the products are highly appreciated, supported by interesting, animated and traditional advertisements, flyers and posters. We all acted in traditional advertisements – students, teachers, relatives, friends... The first product – TRAJNI PLUS [permanent plus] is actually a permanent account as the means of granting credit, the banking product intended for the clients who cannot pay their monthly costs on time and when a bank, instead of them, meets the costs, in a way of granting credit with acceptable interest. In this way the bank attracts new clients who can divide their credit obligations into more installments.

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Another product ONLINE BENEFIT is the purchase via the Internet with business partners of the bank where the purchase discount is directed to saving and is used later. The product attracts new clients to the bank because of the possibility of saving both time and money. According to the research, it would be gladly accepted by employed women who have less and less time. 

Video about this product watch hereas well as animaciju.

The third product FAMILY STEAK 2 U 1 is intended for young parents and their parents and connects savings and insurance, where life mixed insurance is linked to parents, and savings are made through the so-called. Mybonusand pays to the child after coming of age, ie 18 years of age. This family package would attract new clients of the bank because it provides security and existence for their children with very favorable insurance conditions.

You can watch the video prepared by the students here, and see the great animation for this product in the following linku.

The workshops and lectures which helped students with the creation of new banking products, research of inter-banking market, making of a SWOT analysis, were held in our school, at the Faculty of Economics in Niš and in the very bank where the manager of the bank helped the students.

The students showed their creativity, innovativeness. They understood the significance of the learnt for work and everyday life and realized the need of life-long learning and professional development. In this way they gained functional, applicable knowledge and skills which employers will require +them on signing an employment contract. The students realized that only the companies which offer innovations survive on the market because there is fierce competition among banks and by creating new banking products they passed through all the stages of their creation and gained knowledge for the application of the products in practice in the field of bank management. 

In addition, students are encouraged in this way to make decisions, practice strategic critical thinking, be original, innovative and authentic since these are the skills of the 21st century and we, teachers, have succeeded in unlocking their potential. In this way we have prepared our students for the time which is approaching, for more and more demanding requirements of the market.

The project has had an educational, creative, innovative, entrepreneurial and cultural dimension of support and strengthening young people.

 Similarly, the educational aspect of the aim has been the development of a leader’s potential in students through the acquisition and application of knowledge about how a banking product is made, from an idea to its implementation and the enhancement of cultural communication and aesthetic principles in students.

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