Outdoor science

Science Park began his life in Veliki Park in Šabac in 2011, but due to the impossibility of preserving one of the most valuable installations in the Park (Globus-DING), he was moved to the yard of the Center for Professional Development. He continued his life at the new location with the blessing of the Director of the Center. Park was created on the ideas of Tatjana Marković Topalović, MA, Goran Stojićević, MA and prof. Dr. Mirjana Božić Popović with the cooperation of scientific institutions, the Institute of Physics in Zemun and the Mathematical Gymnasium in Belgrade. The park is the only one of its kind and value in our city, Serbia and Southeast Europe in general. Since December 2016, Tatjana Markovic Topalovic, MA, has also been the director of the Center for Professional Development in Sabac.

The idea of ​​the Park is unique for our country. Similar parks exist in Israel (The Clore Garden of Science) and Rome (at Trey University). It is designed as a three-dimensional textbook for primary and secondary school students, but it can also be used by students of preschool institutions. Each small street in which the installations are located, is named after a scientist who is related to the scientific field from which the installations were designed. Isak Newton Street, Milutin Milanković Street, Mendelejeva Street Cacak in November. Thus, the idea of ​​a three-dimensional textbook is slowly spreading throughout Serbia and creating a beautiful line of educational tourism.

The scientific value and idea of the Park is that students finally come out of the "huddled" classroom and come to the openair park where they can hear and touch the science, critically think, explore, ask, notice scientific dilemmas and come together with their teachers. The idea of the Science Park in Sabac is that students go through the same or similar thought process that a scientist passed when he came to a solution or set up a law. The special value of the Park is that every installation, but also the concept of the Park is directed towards teaching units that are processed in regular education.

Today, the park has 26 installations that are oriented towards research, primarily in natural sciences. In the Park there is an incredible set of unique installations that make it easier to learn and study chemistry, new materials, laws of physics, time measurement, optical illusion... The authors of the Park invite you to come and feel the taste of science!

What we are still working on, is that in 2017 in cooperation with the Center for Promotion of Science plans to open or start a science park in the remaining 9 centers for professional development or in public areas near these centers. It all started from the idea and the author of the Sabac Science Park, and this is the concrete and tangible impact that the Sabac Science Park has on education in the country.

Also, all centers, or to be exact the Network of Regional Centers, are planning a line or route of educational tourism. My wish is that the parks vary by theme.

Soon we expect the opening of this kind of park in the yard of the 6th Belgrade Gymnasium.

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