The Yidan Prize is a competition founded in 2016 by Charles CHEN Yidan. Dr. Charles CHEN Yidan, one of the most famous Chinese Internet entrepreneurs and philanthropists, has established this award with a mission to make the world a better place with the help of education.

About project


                The Yidan Prize aims to create a better world through education and it consists of two awards:

  • Yidan Prize for Education Research and
  • Yidan Prize for Education Development.

Association Živojin Mišić became the national partner of the Yidan Prize in Serbia in late 2018. Thus, the Association became an organization that has the right to nominate the best teachers of our country for this competition, through the project "The Best Educators of Serbia". Today, "The Best Educators of Serbia" is a project that is pre-qualification both for the Yidan Prize and the Global Teacher Prize. Our goal is to enable the best teachers in Serbia to be heard on the world educational scene and to have the opportunity to exchange good teaching practice with the best teachers in the world. You can see the rules of the competition here.

Certificate of appointment of the Association and Yidan Prize, for their cooperation can be found here.

Teachers from primary and secondary schools, and also professors who are winners of "The Best Educators of Serbia" Prize, who actively work in teaching, have the right to participate in the Yidan Prize Competition. They are teachers who have passed a serious selection at the national level, thus this is qualifying them for the application for the Yidan Prize.
With a vision to make the world a better place, the Yidan Prize is awarded to individuals with outstanding achievements in research and development in the field of education. The Yidan Prize recognizes and supports individuals around the world whose innovations have a sustainable impact on the educational system of today and the future. The prize is awarded annually and aims to empower creators of educational change, build a global community of educational leaders and create long-lasting, positive impacts on humanity as a whole.
Each winner of the Yidan Prize (either an individual or a team of up to three members) will receive a certificate, a gold medal and HK $ 30 million (about US $ 3.9 million) prize - Half of this amount is in the form of a cash prize to the laureate, while the other half is a project fund, which can be used over a period of time (in three years).



Be sustainable


Be future - oriented


Be innovative


Be transformative