Sisyphus's fight for spelling

The fight for spelling is a constant struggle. The fight for spelling is like Sisyphus's struggle-unbroken and continuous.

Having reached the caricatures of Bojan Jokanovic, I decided to use them at a time and start a spelling fight. I've been thinking for a long time how to use them. I think they are very interesting and that much can be learned from them.

Since children are visual beings and have photographic memory, I have decided to copy certain cartoons, those that are most appropriate to their age and most appropriate in relation to the curriculum. 

For the time of my time, I made the game "Roulette", whose fields are written in sentences that are written correctly and inconspicuously, with the goal of students applying and expanding existing knowledge from the spelling.

Also, as digitization of teaching content is becoming more and more present today, I have done a game in Scratch for the purpose of checking it learned at the same time. For the school I work in, three regular students and two preschoolers, I decided to share this "spellbound" with my colleague and her students in the neighboring village.

Time was held with students of elementary school "M.R. Mirko "IO Donje Kordince and Balinovac.

In the introductory part of the time, and as a motivation for work, we looked at the cartoon about Sisyphus ). 

I asked the students if they knew who Sisyphus was. As they did not know who Sisyphus really was, I told them the "Myth of the Sisyphus" and through the conversation, and on the basis of the cartoon, we concluded why some futile job is called "Sisyphus Job" 

The teaching unit was announced. The way of work was explained. The students explained that we will realize this time through the game "Roulette" and the illustrations that are divided into four groups.

Main part: sentences are printed on roulette in fields in four colors: yellow, green, red and blue. Thus, illustrations of spelling rules - caricatures are also divided. Children turn roulette and write a sentence that has turned them on by turning in their own notes. They record how they think it is right. We read the sentence from the field and we read a few answers. Through the conversation, we arrive at the correct solution, and after that we find an illustration of the rules in the group and explain the correct writing. We record on the board and we put the caricature on.

So we process all the fields from the roulette.

In the final part of the game, in order to check the content of the content we use the game in Skrec Spelling.

Thank you Bojan Jokanovic for your cooperation.

Learning through discovery and learning through the game, in my opinion, is the most productive. Children are active all the time and are happy to participate in the activities. In doing so, as a teacher, I am leading the process and directing them. In this way, children develop their creativity and imagination, and have the opportunity to progress in their capacity. They are progressing because they are relaxed in the game and they do not consider the game an obligation. However, children are doing a serious job when they play, without being aware of it. They discover, try out in different roles, find solutions to problems, cooperate, socialize and unconsciously learn. In this way, they strengthen empathy, mutual trust, friendship, love for learning.

They introduce innovations, even if they are not aware of it themselves.

It is also learned through trial and error. There are no strict rules. Independently or with the help of comrades, children correct their mistakes, but they also try to access the content more seriously in order to answer correctly the next time.

This is a way in which children make up the logical world that surrounds them and therefore they are faster and easier to progress, and we are here to lead them in that process and to show them the right path.

In this case, our fight is not a "Sisyphus fight", but one wonderful occupation that we are proud of.

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