Student fasting chef

Pravilna ishrana zadovoljava potrebe organizma za energijom i potrebnom količinom nutritijenata neophodnih za održavanje fizioloških funkcija organizma i zdravlja.

However, there is a great deal of evidence to support the increasingly unhealthy eating habits of school-age children. There are a number of contributing factors, ranging from the individual to the economic and social. Today's socio-economic circumstances also affect the purchasing power of the family and the availability of healthy foods, thus contributing to the poor eating habits of school children. Teachers and teachers are the first persons who, after parents, guardians and the closest environment of a child, with their knowledge, authority, behavior and their own example, can greatly influence the attitudes and habits of children.

Looking at the students daily, I noticed that some students come to school without having breakfast or lunch, having a snack in the form of snacks, soda, croissants. In fact, all that is not of satisfactory nutritional value but just empty calories without enough vitamins and minerals needed for children to have energy. Wanting to influence their habits, I came up with the idea to motivate them, to get involved in collecting recipes from their mothers, grandmothers, relatives… all for the purpose of healthy baby nutrition, to make a little cook together. In agreement with colleagues and students, we decided that these were fasting meals, because they stated that it was difficult for them to fast and to “starve”. The children accepted with great joy their participation in this project. Recipes were collected at the elementary school of the Elementary school "King Alexander and Karadjordjevic" in the Adriatic Lesnica and in the separate classes of Josev, Milina and Gornji Dobric.

Each written recipe was illustrated by the students independently and in a very interesting way with their drawings and pictures. From the recipes we have collected we have made a small student fasting cook. The chef contains over 50 lean recipes for savory and sweet dishes and is a real treasure trove for every kitchen, many and how it can be used in fasting days.

We have moved a step further. In cooperation with the General Hospital of Loznica we have been celebrating for many years the World Healthy Food Day. The event, which aims to form the habits of proper nutrition of students, is well received throughout the village, with the exception of the parents of the students, the locals are also included. Skilful and hardworking housewives, moms, grandmothers prepare fresh fruit, salads and delicious specialties with no fat and sugar.

Our student chef is constantly being updated with new recipes. The accompanying motto is "Who Eats Healthy, Defends Your Health". All of this motivated me to design a seminar "Isran to Health", which is approved by the ZUOV and is included in the Catalog of the Continuing Professional Development Program for Teachers, Educators and Professional Associates for the 2018/2019,2019 / 2020 school year. and 2020/2021. year under No. 239.

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