“The “Serbian Teaching Awards” project is the best thing that has happened to the diligent, responsible, innovative, upright and honest teachers of Serbia. Those who are ready to build a world where our children will live. Those who are ready to learn in a time of great changes. The project is an opportunity for the teachers who make a difference to be acknowledged, unlike those who do everything by inertia, embedded in the everyday routine, without desire, strength or courage to change anything in this time of great changes. The message to my colleagues is that there is someone that appreciates and values that some teachers know and understand the way in which children learn, that they believe that every child can learn and develop and that they create the environment and the process of learning that respects every child and starts from their own abilities, interests, needs and other characteristics. For me, this reward is an inspiration, an encouragement, a path, a motivation and support to keep going and endure on the road of changes, for a better, functional education, for every child in Serbian schools.”