"In a time where negative comments about education and teachers are dominant, a project that acknowledges work, commitment, dedication of teachers and results achieved in working with children deservers all the praise. I think that the Organization has rightfully recognized that the future and prosperity of a society lie in its learning children, but that it is only possible with the people that are teaching those children. Organization of classes and approaches to teaching change, but the core values stay the same: the importance of a good teacher and pedagogue and the teaching profession itself as a base of all other professions, no matter how untrue some people today might think that is. The award meant the most to me because it gave me encouragement by showing me that I am on the right path even though I was sometimes questioning my method of work and my views on education. At the same time I realized that, despite all the difficulties that appear in your way, there is someone who still recognizes true values and encourages teachers to endure."