“Play for Energy“

Under the term of energy efficiency we mean a series of measures aimed at the utilisation of the minimal amount of energy to achieve savings and to preserve the environment. The World Energy Efficiency Day is marked in honour of the first meeting of world energy experts, held on March 5th, 1998 when the participants discussed the energy crisis and possible solutions to it. That day should remind the world of the savings and rational use of energy, primarily from renewable sources, not from fossil fuels.

The City of Kruševac traditionally marks the World Energy Efficiency Day by a series of events every year. The event, which has been called this year the Days of Energy Efficiency 2019 "Play for Energy", was opened by Olivera Drenovac, the assistant to the mayor for ecology, sustainable development and energy on March 5th, 2019 in the Science Club of the Centre for Professional Development Kruševac. The Days of Energy Efficiency included lectures and interactive workshops for the students of eighteen schools of Kruševac in the Science Club CSU Kruševac in the period from 5 March to 8 March 2019 where the activity was attended by 230 students with 18 eco-coordinators of primary schools. The preschool group of children PU "Nata Veljković", Kindergarten “Neven“ with the workshop "Save energy for a prettier planet" and the students of Secondary Polytechnic School “Milutin Milanković“ joined the event.The activity coordinator of the event the Days of Energy Efficiency 2019 "Play for Energy" is Olivera Kolarić, a biology teacher.  

The theme of the event of the Days of Energy of Efficiency 2019 "Play for Energy" is the energy efficiency in the buildings which are responsible for over 40% of total energy consumption and in the building architecture the greatest potential of energy savings lies. Students have learnt through interactive workshops and lectures about energy efficiency measures, which include an entire range of possibilities of saving thermal and electric energy with the implementation of renewable energy sources wherever it is functionally possible and economically justified. Students learnt through an interactive lecture that there are many ways of giving a small but significant help in achieving energy efficiency. The terms of "green buildings", "energy passports", "energy classes" were used by students after the lectures in the workshops where they applied the learnt measures for energy efficiency through play. The preschool institution "Nata Veljković", kindergarten “Neven“ with the preschool group of children joined the activities of the event "Save Energy for a Prettier Planet", which was implemented by childcare workers eco-coordinators and Olivera Kolarić, a biology teacher. The students of Polytechnic School “Milutin Milanković“ made drafts and drawings of “green buildings“ and they explained through an interactive lecture for the students of primary school what “green buildings” were and how to build them. The aim of the activity is that students realize that we can contribute to the preservation of the environment, natural resources and sustainable development by rational consumption and energy savings, and to achieve this, we have to change our habits and ways of energy consumption. 

The organizer of the event The Days of Energy Efficiency 2019 “Play for Energy” is the City of Kruševac, the working group for ecological education of the City of Kragujevac, the Science Club – the Centre for the Professional Development Kruševac and the sponsors of the event are the Ministry of Mining and Energy of the Republic of Serbia and the German association GIZ.

Motivated by the agenda 21 “Think globally, act locally”, students came to the conclusion during the event that we could do a lot to make Serbia become energy efficient if everyone gave their own small contribution.  

“Science Festival”

            “The Science Festival” was held for the third time in Primary School “Dragomir Marković” in Kruševac on March 15th 2019. The aim of the festival is the promotion of science and marking ecological dates – “The Days of Energy Efficiency” and “The Day of Waters” 

            Lectures, workshops and stands were on the topic of energy efficiency, popularization of robotics and science. Students made decorative little bags, bookmarkers and vases from recycled material. The stands are of a donor-selling character, with the aim of promoting the project team for entrepreneurship - "From Parasols to the Sun" and collecting voluntary contributions for the purchase of protective UV foil for windows. The participants are the students from the first to the eighth grade of the central school and district departments of Lomnica and Trmčar. The guests were the students of other primary schools in the city of Kruševac. The festival was supported by the presence of the assistant to the mayor of the city of Kruševac for ecology, sustainable development and energy Olivera Drenovac and energy manager Bratislav Đorđević. 

The workshops for students on energy savings and energy efficiency were implemented by Dragana Milicević, a physics teacher and the coordinator of the ecological education of the city of Kruševac.

The project coordinator is teacher Ivana Vučinić with the help of her colleagues teacher Nataša Obradović, teacher Radica Jovčić and the team for entrepreneurship.  

            The event is accompanied by the media. The message of the festival is that children are the holders of changes in society. They showed by their own example on the World Consumer Day that we were consumer society but that we could be humane.

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