"The Secrets of Green Solitaire" from the Best Educator of Serbia

On Saturday, November 9, 2019, the book for children "Secrets of the Green Solitaire" by Sanja Matijašević was presented at a promotion in Krusevac. The hall of the Krusevac Theater was small for a large number of interested children, parents, as well as educators and teachers, members of the eco-coordinator network of the city of Krusevac.

In a cheerful and relaxed atmosphere, visitors had the opportunity to hear, through story and play, the secrets behind the green solitaire and learn a lot about ecology. The opportunity to be active participants in the promotion was a great delight for the youngest who enjoyed the game through which they acquired new knowledge, and which, in their homes, will be further upgraded through the adventures of the main characters, squirrels Cice and the foresters of Caslav.

"Secrets of the Green Solitaire" is a book aimed at children aged four to eight years. It is an emotional, educational, unusual and instructive story about a benign forest ranger who, just before the start of winter, found a lost squirrel cub. By providing her protection, she takes her to her home and, along with her growing up, through exciting adventures, introduces her to the laws of nature, to bring her back to a natural habitat - the forest, from spring. 

Through a warm story, protagonists' experiences, play and exciting experiments, this book develops awareness for children in environmental conservation, empathy for humans and animals, care for the world around us, a sense of friendship and love.

The little ones especially liked the hidden parts in the book that contained interesting tasks and experiments. The realization that solving tasks, through play, reveal secrets and come to new experiences, made many of them go from promotion to hugging a book as a good friend, which will make their childhood more beautiful, happier and richer.

"Sanja was a dear student of mine at Krusevac High School, curious and interested in sightseeing, natural phenomena and life in nature. And then a colleague at that school, when we worked together with gifted and creative high school students, preparing them for science and competition festivals, ”says Dragana Milicevic, one of Sribia's 79 Best Educators!

"Sanja's seventh book, addressed to elementary and preschoolers and anyone who loves children and helps them grow up in harmony with nature and enjoy the blessing power of nature."

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