Uncle's Stories for All Children

In order for a song or story to emerge, it is necessary, above all, that there is someone who wants them

My Uncle character was created by the fact that, by chance, I personally have six cousins and quite a number of nieces and nephews, and by some strange twist of the generational gap - to some children I am also a grandfather. The role of Uncle is one of my favorite roles in life, and when it comes to the traits, I stole some of them from Miodrag Djurdjevic's book "Uncle or Upbringing."
I came up with the idea of recording stories for children when, during a state of emergency, we were all closed in our homes. I thought how boring it must be for the kids now, and some may be a little scared, so I wanted to cheer them up!

During the recording of the stories, I tell stories, mostly songs that I have written before. Some of them were written decades ago, such as "The Song About Mici the Witch." In addition to those songs, I also tell personal songs, ones that are meant for my nieces and nephews. 

I usually write songs and stories in the morning, on an empty stomach, with coffee, to keep me in a good mood all day long. It looks like this: mostly I sit and wait for something to come to my mind and then write it down. In order for a song or story to emerge, it is necessary, above all, that there is someone who wants them, and for the most part, my inspiration somehow comes by itself. Most of the stories I tell are made up on the spot, but since I started reading my unpublished novel “Puckish and Pirates” two days ago, now I'm mostly just reading and not inventing much.

As I record stories, I'm mostly alone, but I also happened to have helpers. My youngest son Ognjen would help me actively in a few episodes, in some I was helped by a cat, and in some by my dad, who sits in front of me watching TV while I'm telling the story into the camera. However, my nieces and nephews helped me the most, because without them I would certainly have no reason to produce anything.

What I want to accomplish with these stories is for all the kids to see that I love them and be glad about it. I think that if we feel that someone loves us, we are happy, and then most often we are good. So it is enough to just genuinely love someone if we want him to be good and have true values. Not only is it important at the moment; it is always important, but sometimes we tend to forget it!

And finally, I would like to single out the lesson from the story of god Odin, which my nephew Oscar requested. If a man, in this case a god, wants his family to buy him a newspaper, then it is a very good solution to leave them all and go to live with his grandfather and his cow, who has a very funny name Audhumla. You can listen to the full story at this link: https://www.facebook.com/munrutestemone/videos/1873746976089105/

Until the next story,

Your Uncle 

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