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At the moment, most of us are in the situation where we think and have a dilemma of what to use in online teaching. It is not easy to choose even when we have time to think and plan, let alone at the moment like this. We currently face many challenges and concerns, no matter how prepared and skillful we are. Even those who have and think they have good digital competencies are facing dilemmas, are rethinking and trying to find the optimal solution that will suit the students the most, all in a very short time. We are all aware that there will be problems, that we will make mistakes in the choice of tools and the way we work with students, but we should not give up and we should not be strict about ourselves. First of all, it is necessary to define well what we want the students to learn and only then to prepare the learning material. What we need to be aware of is that how we prepare the material or what existing materials we use for the students to study it independently, depends on what the students will learn, but also whether we will get them to love this way of work.

The situation we are currently in gives us the opportunity to try to point out to the students and help them understand the benefits of using the Internet for learning, not just for social networking for fun. This is a huge responsibility and we are being asked for a lot of dedication, work and learning.

We are currently overwhelmed with information on tools, platforms, and it is difficult for us to select them, to make a choice. In the sea of all this, we are trying to find something that can help us. Many recommend, advise, share experiences, selflessly strive to help, but we are the ones who need to see what is most convenient for our students and us at this time and what will enable us to achieve our learning goals as effectively as possible.

Web site Webcyclopediais a site created by our teachers that addresses the topic of Web tools and their application in teaching. The site is designed so that there is a categorization of tools by purpose and there are several tools in each category. Each tool has a description, a purpose and what its capabilities are, highlighting the advantages and perceived disadvantages. For each tool, there are instructions for use in different formats: detailed text instruction, video instruction, collage pictures with basic steps (usually for simple tools). In the description of each tool, there is a recommendation as to where and how it can be used in teaching, as well as an example of using the tool. Visit the Webcyclopediarecommend it to students, offer them some tools to independently create teaching content, to show you what they have learned from your subject. Give them the freedom to be creative while using the internet; show them its other side.

Learning is an experience, and we learn together with our students. Let's be a team on a joint mission.

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