Why are teachers important to us?

A human being is not attaining his full heights until he is educated. - Horace Mann

Being a teacher today is not easy. In a sea of pressure from different sides, it takes a lot of strength, will and patience to stay consistent with yourself. A teacher is not a mere transmitter of information from the textbook, nor is he a figure who evaluates students. A teacher has the role of inspiring, initiating action and leaving a mark with his actions. 

We can say that teachers are an essential part of life of each of us. We believe that each of us has a teacher they remember with a smile on their face, even though they left school a long time ago. That is because they leave traces of their personality and teaching in all of us. In fact, in addition to the family, they are the most important people we meet on our path of individual development. They are there to guide, teach and encourage us through life. Together with them, we learn about the world around us, explore unknowns, solve life equations. They broaden our horizons, support us, correct us when we make mistakes, encourage us and rejoice in our achievements. With their attitudes, thoughts and ideas they shape us into the people we are today.

Due to the weight that their profession brings with it, we believe that there is no more demanding role than the role of a teacher. They are the builders of a society and the bearers of the future.

The value system of young people, the way of thinking, the choice of profession, the attitude towards life depend on them. Therefore, we want to find exceptional teachers and award them at the Best Educators of Serbia competition. 

Who are the Best Educators? These are teachers who are motivated, creative, positive, innovative. Those who are entrepreneurs in their work and who put learning in the next zone of development. Those who ask a question, not to get an answer but to hear the flow of thoughts of their students. Those who have pedagogical tact, a kind heart and a sober mind.

You will recognize them by the fact that they are one step ahead of everyone, and they always find new ways to solve the problems they face. 

For us, the project The best educators in Serbia represents more than an individual emphasis on teachers. Through this project, we want to raise awareness and remind teachers how important their role is for young people and society as a whole. That's why we want you to help us find the best! You who are their students, colleagues, principals, friends. Apply on behalf of an outstanding teacher or tutor via the following linka. 

This year, we opened the competition during the pandemic, and that is why, in addition to the regular application form, we also have an "extraordinary" competition for the best teachers. We are looking for those who made teaching and education exceptional during the pandemic. Teachers who combine education and life, who erase the boundaries of the obligatory and the necessary. This "extraordinary" competition is for all those who have decided to jump out of all the hitherto known frameworks and have decided to change the world from yesterday, to the world of tomorrow, together with their students.

We believe you know such teachers. Help us find them.

Applications for the competition last until 1 July By gaining the title of "Best Educator in Serbia", teachers join the community 79 of 79 thoroughly selected exceptional teachers.In this way, we want to show that our educational system is not at a standstill, but that it is changing and progressing. In addition to the title, the Best Educators in Serbia will also receive a personal award of 40,000 RSD, as well as 100,000 RSD to invest in projects with children and the improvement of teaching. 

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