In Secondary School of Economics in Niš I have been teaching for 25 years a macroeconomic subject The Basics of Economy which follows the national and world economy and I am completely sure that Serba has a lot to offer the world, that it has not used its comparative advantages, that much economic and natural potential has remained unused. On the other hand, Serbia is confronting a big problem of the brain drain, our young people are leaving the country, that intellectual élite is leaving instead of contributing to the economic growth of the country. Another problem is also a high rate of unemployment of young people. In this way we give a large part of gross domestic product and national income to other countries, which is inpermissible and these problems must be solved promptly.

For these reasons I have formed with my students a student company “Naissa Consulting“ which offers the ideas for economic growth of Niš, region and entire Serbia. One of the projects of this student company, the artifical lagoon  of Constantine's thermae was awarded second place in the national entrepreneurial competition of secondary school students NaPred, whose motto was “Learn entrepreneurship“ in the school year 2017-2018. The competition was also supported by the Development Agency of Serbia. In the regional competition we won first place

On November 2, 2018 my students gave the presentations of three projects on the development of Serbia in the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia and a month ago we received an e-mail from an investor who would take part in the implementation of Constantine's thermae with foreign capital. My dream began to come true: I wished that Niš would get the projects invented jointly by my students and me. These would be a complex of hotels, swimming pools, spa centres, which would exude the Roman Age, be a link of the old and new. The complex will be intended for entertainment, recreation and rest. Potential domestic and foreign tourists will be able to experience again the time of a great emperor Constantine who was born in Niš. The complex will also have an artificial “sea without sea“ and surfing pools intended for young people and all of these with the use of the warm thermal water of Niška Banja. The hotel in a Roman style will be suitable for congress tourism, symposiums, seminars and will attract a large number of foreign tourists who are visiting Niš more and more because of the chartered prices of airline tickets and bring foreign-currency inflow to this part of Serbia. I am planning to launch a good marketing campaign with my students for this project through the involvement of many entities beginning with the tourism organisation of Niš, Serbia and the Ministry of Tourism.

Currently, with my students, I am working on two other projects which would reduce the unemployment in Niš. Great economic potential is also in agricultural ground which is unused and abandoned. We are working on the project of forming the farms where organic food for babies without additives and preservatives would be produced, and raw material would come from the ground which is not currently used. This idea has had great reception in the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia. We hope that we will find an investor for this idea as well.

I think that it is most important to teach students the entrepreneurial way of thinking. Within the School of Economics in Niš there is the Regional Centre for Youth Entrepreneurship where we have excellent conditions for taking students through all management functions and writing business plans.Our students have won a lot of high places in state competitions. 

The ideas of the student company “Naissa Consulting“ will initiate the economic growth of this part of Serbia and reduce unemployment. For this reason we informed the president of Serbia and the prime minister and we asked for the support for the implementation of students' ideas. In the attachment you can see the business plan of Constantine's thermae, a promo film of how the artifical lagoon would look like, PP presentationphotos from the competition where the student company won second place at the national level and the website of “Naissa Consulting“ which has been made by students.

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