Why the voice of the best should be heard so far away?

Welcome to the blog of "The Best Educators of Serbia"!

"Power does not come from knowledge reserved for itself, but from the sharing of knowledge."

This is said by one of the most successful people of today. One of the people who shaped today's world, Bill Gates. Each of us can be little Bill Gates.

The educator's blog is dedicated to this - sharing experiences, inspiration and motivation, suggestions and tips for the successful education of our students. It is intended specifically for teachers and professors, who must be an incessant source of knowledge and encouragement to their students. Nothing is important as good education. It is the foundation of everything that awaits us in our lives. Every person with adequate knowledge will easily find the way for business and life success and fulfillment.

And what is adequate knowledge today? What is learned today is rapidly becoming obsolete, and technology is changing rapidly, so yes new ideas, visions, creativity and innovation become the most important components of intellectual capital. We need to learn to create and use new knowledge. They say it is learning what most adults will do in life in the 21st century.

Educators must in particular be a step ahead of everyone, because they shape our future. It is impossible to be a teacher, and not to be a disciple. Therefore, we want this blog to serve you as a source of knowledge and motivation, and that it is only a small part of the resources you use to improve yourself daily. Because your students expect this from you.

On this blog you can expect different stories of exceptional teachers and teachers who have been awarded within the project "The Best educators of Serbia". They are recognized as individuals who successfully apply innovations and innovations in teaching, who manage to interest students and develop their skills and talents, and who are constantly learning with them. There are many more bright examples in Serbia, and each of you can be a bright example. So take advantage of all the opportunities you have to develop and learn, because no child forgets a good teacher.

"No one knows so much, as we all are together."

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